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  • Toshiba Medical Research Institute USA, Inc. is a multi-modality R&D center that continues to attract and retain the best and brightest employees who are consistently driven to leverage their strengths in helping the organization and the community at large by developing the next generation medical imaging systems.


    Feb 25

    Toshiba Introduces New Healthcare Business Strategy

      TOKYO—Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) has introduced the strategy that it will promote to establish its healthcare business as a third main pillar of operations, along with its energy and storage businesses. The core of the strategy is to develop…

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    Recent TMRU Highlights

    Toshiba to Reinforce Healthcare Systems & Services Businesses

    TOKYO—Toshiba Corporation (Tokyo: 6502) today announced that it will promote acceleration and expansion of its healthcare business by consolidating Toshiba Group’s healthcare-related businesses in a new in-house company, the Healthcare Company, that will be established on July 1. As the…

    Toshiba Installs First Vantage Titan 3T In U.S.

    TUSTIN, Calif. – Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging Center (SDMI) in Las Vegas needed an MR system to perform a range of patient exams at a high-volume imaging center. To solve this issue, it recently installed the first Vantage TitanTM 3T…

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    • Innovations

      Toshiba Medical Research Institute USA, Inc. (TMRU) is involved in most aspects of medical imaging. TMRU supports Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation of Japan as the United States representative of its global R&D team.Learn More
    • Clinical Applications

      Toshiba’s Clinical Applications Research Center (CARC) has its North American headquarters at TMRU. The mission of CARC is “To develop and validate Toshiba medical imaging technologies through efficient and timely clinical research performed with world leaders in biomedical science.”Learn More
    • Designs

      TMRU’s mission is to provide essential technology and that technology transfer to manufacturing and sustaining teams in other global divisions of Toshiba Medical. This essential technology complements our scientific efforts and occurs at both the system and sub-system level depending on requested work.Learn More
    • Engineering

      TMRU is structured into modality and engineering groups. The modality groups include the modality specific scientific experts, technical leads, and program managers. The engineering groups contribute to projects across the modality spectrum and comprise ASIC, electronics, FPGA, mechanical, and software teams.Learn More
    • Health Care IT

      Healthcare IT endeavors to secure the exchange between consumers, providers, government and quality entities with the goal of creating a universal system that improves health care quality, safety, and efficiency of the health delivery system.Learn More
    • Innovations

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